Blaze Sports & Fitness Trains Champions for Life!


Our mission is to illuminate, illustrate, and elevate your path that leads to life.


Blaze Sports & Fitness is a faith-based sports and wellness company with an exciting new approach to improving health, strength, and confidence through mental, physical, and spiritual fitness.

Blaze Sports & Fitness offers a unique Family of Services that work together to Train Champions for Life, in the convenience of one state-of-the-art facility.

Our integrated Family of Services includes Blaze Fitness for adults and youth, sport-specific coaches, volleyball and basketball skills training, personal fitness trainers, nutritional coaches, Wisconsin Blaze AAU basketball and Club volleyball athlete-development programs and teams and faith-based life coaches.

  • We focus on engaging, encouraging, and empowering people, especially athletes and their families, to lead enlightened and inspired lives full of peace, purpose, and power.
  • We provide the expertise and environment for you to discover yourself and your goals, to find the strength, motivation, and support to reach further than you thought you could, and to celebrate your victories.
  • We encourage a “grace-based” approach to developing leadership and resiliency skills for life!

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