Speed & Strength at Blaze

Youth Speed & Strength Fitness Program

Exercise consistency is key! If athletes expect to become stronger, faster, and more powerful, they need to become dedicated. Blaze is offering two 4-week sessions to accomplish our athletes’ goals. If athletes can dedicate 8 weeks to bettering their athleticism, we encourage them to do so.

Athletes can see their progress with pre-testing and post-testing in the first and last weeks of the summer.

Middle School | Entering 6th-8th Grade in Fall 2022

Mondays & Wednesdays | 12pm - 1pm


Session 1: June 6th - June 30th

(4 weeks, 2 classes per week)


Session 2: July 11th - August 5th

(4 weeks, 2 classes per week)


4 Weeks - $139 (2 classes per week, $17.38 per class)
8 Weeks - $268 (2 classes per week, $16.75 per class)
Single Class - $19

High School | Entering 9th-12th Grade in Fall 2022

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays | 11am - 12pm


Session 1: June 6th - June 30th

(4 weeks, 4 classes per week)


Session 2: July 11th - August 5th

(4 weeks, 4 classes per week)


4 Weeks - $279 (4 classes per week, $17.44 per class)
8 Weeks - $538 (4 classes per week, $16.81 per class)
Single Class - $19
Blaze Youth Speed & Strength
Skills Testing for Athletes | 8th - 12th Grade

Join this comprehensive skills/fitness testing session that's open to all male & female athletes in any sport!

Testing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vertical jump
  • Wingspan
  • 40-yard dash
  • Standing leap
  • Height
  • Shuttle run

Sign Up at www.blaze365.com/youthfitness

Featuring 6 Key Components

Dynamic Warm-up

Our classes include a dynamic warm-up with numerous “moving” exercises to prepare the body for activity.

Benefits: Increases blood flow to the muscles, improves functional mobility, prevents injury, increases flexibility, and improves performance.


Each class will incorporate balance training or “proprioceptive” exercises, with or without equipment.

Benefits: Helps prevent injuries, improves mobility, stabilizes, and prepares our body for activity. 


Power is the combination of speed and strength. Power training involves explosive power movements such as squat jumps, tuck jumps, skaters, and box jumps. 

Benefits: Strengthens bones and muscles, improves reaction time, and increases energy. 


Agility is your body’s ability to be quick, graceful, and nimble. It's how effectively and efficiently you can move, change direction, and maintain control of your body position.

Benefits: Prevents injuries, improves the mind-body connection, improves balance and coordination, and improves recovery time. 


Speed trains more muscles through a fuller range of motion, improving flexibility and balance. Speed training exercises will be done outside, with and without equipment.

Benefits: Improves balance, reduces the risk of injury, and increases flexibility. 

Strength Training

At Blaze, injury prevention is one of our biggest goals, so we will make sure your form is correct before adding more weight or resistance during our strength training. 

Benefits: Improves muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

Meet Our Coach

Marissa Haug, Licensed Athletic Trainer

Marissa Blaze

From Marissa - "I have 9 years of experience as a Licensed Athletic Trainer and am currently the trainer at Freedom High School. My main goal this summer is to help athletes become stronger and faster, while preventing injuries! I’m looking forward to helping athletes achieve their full potential through this speed and strength program!"

Questions? Call 920.750.5180 or email team@blaze365.com