Jayne Lang, a Bloomer, WI native, has impacted all parts of the State of Wisconsin with a silent whisper.  Always flying under the radar, you would never know this kind mother of three and wife has positively impacted thousands of athletes and families in her first 6 years at Blaze Sports & Fitness. She has helped athletes from all over our Fox Valley community, State of Wisconsin, and the Midwest become Champions for Life!

Jayne found her passion in the world of Marketing at the UW Madison campus after graduating from Bloomer High School.  She worked her way through Corporate America in a premier advertising agency in Milwaukee.

After relocating to the Fox Valley, she spent a number of years as mother of three toddlers freelancing for companies in need of superior marketing consultation and work.

In 2015, Jayne became Director of Marketing at Blaze, overseeing over 300 youth and professional athletes marketing needs each year while managing over 8 major sporting events that positively impacts thousands of athletes across the Midwest in the sports of volleyball and basketball.

Jayne has brought the vision of Blaze to life. She has shared the heart and soul of Training Champions for Life in an exciting way for the community, while managing the operations of the company strategically. Through her marketing work, Jayne also leads community business relations gracefully and powerfully with prominent companies such as Appleton Lathing Corporation, Orthopedic Sports Medicine Specialists, Big Bark Media, Copper Rock, and Kerntke Otto McGlone Wealth.

By 2019, Jayne became Blaze’s Vice President leading the Executive team strategically and thoughtfully.  At the end of 2019, Jayne added Human Resource Director to her workload when the ever growing Blaze organization warranted it. Leading over 50 staff members, Jayne applies her grounded and humble family values to her interaction with staff always making them feel heard, appreciated, and valuable! 

By 2020, in just six short years, Jayne has led Blaze from a small for-profit company to adding a non-profit arm for youth, called Blazing Hearts, that in total between the two has positively impacted the community in great ways.

Because the majority of Jayne's work occurs behind the scenes, her efficiency and excellence can easily go unnoticed to the community. But it doesn't take long to realize, that once you meet this amazing leader, wife, and mother, everything you see across her children and husbands face, and all that you see on Blaze's social media, newsletters, schedules, staff management, and events has Jayne Lang branded all over it.

Even after all she has and continues to accomplish, Jayne, a supermodel mom and wife, also supports her children and youth in her community by volunteering as a Head Coach for TASK Soccer, Coach of Girls on the Run, and Blaze Volleyball Coach and Trainer. Jayne knows what's important right now.  She has learned how to create a family-work balance by setting the right boundaries with her time and her choices.

Jayne Lang is an amazing Woman of Influence and Integrity!

The Blaze Family of Staff, Members, and Community, as well as the State of Wisconsin and Midwest, are positively impacted because of Mrs. Jayne Lang!

If you need to connect with Blaze's Marketing, Human Resource, and Business Relations staff, do not hesitate to reach out to team@blaze365.com or 920-750-5180.  We are here to help our community be Champions for Life!