When Lisa Van Wyk was a high school athlete, competing in sports provided her with a safe and empowering environment that combated the abuse and dysfunction she experienced at home. It was a conduit that brought peace, purpose, and power to a life that otherwise had no hope.

But when she transitioned to the biggest stage of her college career, her athletic experience and lack of support, put her on a journey that led her down a debilitating and life ending path.  When Lisa was given a second chance, and placed in the right environment, with the right people, education, tools, and opportunities, she rose to the occasion and experienced unprecedented success and became a national champion in athletics multiple times. 

Sports and competition gave Lisa a second chance at life, providing her with the right training to not only be a successful athlete, but a successful and impactful leader in society. Her mentors, and her experiences taught her how to be a great teammate, how to be persistent, driven, consistent, resilient, and a great communicator.

Lisa realized that if participating in the rigors of sports training and competition in the right environment could positively impact the health and success of an athlete, then it could do the same for any person who participated in the right training and wellness program.

Enspire365, doing business as Blaze, was founded on the ideal, that given the right opportunities and support, athletes, whether novice or elite, could become champions in their sport and in life. Blaze is determined to change the landscape of athletics, and use sports as a platform to ignite the passion of its members, and use it as a means to improve the functional skills, health, and longevity of people in every socioeconomic class and race.  Enspire365 will use the best in technology, functional training, and psychology to improve the mental, physical, social, and professional livelihoods of its athletes, and use it as a means to positively impact communities.

The Blaze provides a performance facility and training platform that utilizes advanced sports-science technologies to build elite athletes. The Blaze uses a data-driven approach to understand athlete movement and development. Their facility doubles as a training environment and research laboratory, where they apply the scientific method to the world’s greatest athletes—observing, measuring, experimenting and testing.  Blaze uses individual, small group, large group, and team training along with competitive events to serve coaches and athletes. The use of biomechanical technology and video production allows Blaze to build and challenge superior athletes, share their stories, and inspire the champion in all of us. Here's your opportunity to #BeTheFlame