Blaze Sports & Fitness

Sports Training 

Blaze Sports & Fitness offers sports training from a variety of coaches with sport-specific experience so you can learn from people who know what it takes to perform at a high level in the high school, college and professional arenas. All of our training is customized to meet each athlete's specific needs. We are committed to helping you succeed! Blaze Sports & Fitness is Training Champions for Life!

  • Individual Training
  • Group Training
  • Skills and Agility
  • Team Sessions
  • Clinics
  • Camps
  • Goal Setting
  • Custom Workout Sessions
  • Functional Fitness Training
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Plyometric & Jump Sessions
  • Video Recording & Analysis (during instruction)
  • Scouting Feedback (current season, over 2 games)
  • Custom Videos (for promotional and marketing needs)

Special Group training rates are available. Please email for more information.

Personal 1-on-1 appointments can be scheduled by emailing or calling 920-750-5180.

Personal (one on one) Training:

60 minutes: $90/session OR $810/10 sessions
45 minutes: $75/session OR $675/10 sessions
30 minutes: $50/session OR $450/10 sessions

Interested in small group or 1 on 1 training? Fill out the small group survey below!

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