Youth Flex (Yoga for Youth Athletes)

Experience the many benefits of basketball- and volleyball-specific yoga!

yoga for athletesBeing an athlete is about more than competition. It is about commitment, focusing the body and the mind on skills, while continually learning and improving. Sport-specific yoga is an extremely effective tool in the athlete’s arsenal to help meet physical goals, enhance mental focus, prevent injury and provide a competitive edge!

Physical Goals: While most athletes incorporate strength and conditioning into their programs, yoga is an equally essential component for training regimens. Depending on the sport, certain muscle groups are maxed out and over-trained, while others are underutilized. Sport-specific yoga practice will provide balance for the body by lengthening and stretching over-trained muscles while engaging and strengthening those that are underutilized. It also increases flexibility, joint mobility, range of motion and strengthens the core. Core strength is the key to balance, which is essential to maximize movement and generate force.   

Mental Focus: While physical strength and endurance are crucial for athletes, mental focus is also vital for success. Mental strength, like physical strength, takes practice. You could be the strongest athlete on the court, but if you cannot stay calm when challenged and focus your energy to control and coordinate your movements, you will not reach your potential.  Sport-specific yoga combines breath, movement and mindfulness to harness mental focus and strength. For example, yoga breath techniques are invaluable in high stress game situations like volleyball serves and basketball free throws.

Injury Prevention: Yoga increases flexibility, leading to greater muscle endurance and reduced chance of injury. Sport-specific yoga takes things to the next level by recognizing the wear and tear from repetitive motions in particular sports and providing balance to these movements. Without this balance, the body will eventually begin to overcompensate and injury will become inevitable. Basketball legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stated in a 2003 interview with USA TODAY, "I believe that yoga is one of the reasons that I was able to play as long and as healthy as I did." Abdul-Jabbar, who ranks 2nd in the history of the NBA with the number of games played in a professional basketball career, says, "Yoga is somewhat hard to quantify in terms of benefits because you see them in all the injuries you don't get."  

Competitive Edge: While yoga breath techniques are instrumental in mental focus, they are simultaneously invaluable in providing a physical competitive edge for athletes. Most people, even seasoned athletes, do not access their full lung capacity. Practicing sport-specific yoga with breath techniques will improve lung capacity by increasing oxygen intake and oxygen exchange. Simple translation… athletes who practice sport-specific yoga will have increased stamina. In addition, sport-specific yoga provides improved joint mobility and muscular flexibility, and increases performance for a series of movements. For example, a volleyball player with supple shoulder joints has a greater range of motion to deliver a more powerful spike.


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Sessions are open to boys & girls entering 6th grade – 12th grade.

Max of 20 kids per session.

Cost: $18/class OR $165/10 pack of classes OR $90 Ultimate Membership

Meet Our Instructor:

Deanna Laemmrich