City’s been working with Brett

City’s been working with Brett now for about a month. I usually get to see part of their session unless they’re in the lab. Just wanted you to know how happy we are to have him train for the Blaze. I see City being pushed, she’s learning new things and smiling through it all. Just wanted to give Brett the shout out I think he deserves.


Brook Figlinski

This was my first class

This was my first class with Holly and I can honestly say the workout was first class. I went to the gym feeling great today and left exhausted. I love being pushed beyond my limits


Thank you

Thank you for creating BLAZE – My daughter grew a lot during the two years she played for The Blaze (she retired due to injury)…and she is still friends with some of those players today.  Keep on Doing What you Do!!!

We are new to

We are new to Blaze, and even though I rarely give testimonials, I have to say we have been very impressed with the high quality of service as we set up a monthly membership program for our son. Thank you Sami! We love the ease of using the app, which is so convenient and quick to check available upcoming programs and book a class. LOVE IT! Blaze has a very welcoming atmosphere and our son is enjoying the basketball skills and other classes he has enrolled in. We are excited to watch his skills advance. Thank you Blaze!

Maryann G

Michelle kicked my butt today.

Michelle kicked my butt today. Adding weights for super planks, pushing myself til my body thought it would break, only to hear “NEXT STAAATION!” A sigh of relief until the timer started again. Loved the workout, loved the burn. So close to my initial goal!!!


I haven’t felt this great

I haven’t felt this great in years! Every workout breaks my limits and keeps pushing me to a better lifestyle.

A Blaze Fitness Fan

As a former power lifter

As a former power lifter I never thought high rep and low/body weight exercises would be tough. I was humbled this morning at every single station. Great class!!!

A Regular Attendee

Just when I thought I

Just when I thought I could outsmart the circuit by doing my bear crawls early, Karen showed me how to step it up a notch. Needless to say tonight was just as intense as the morning session. Loved every minute!


Loved seeing the progress

Loved seeing the progress I’ve been making. Lydia added extra challenges to tonight’s workout that kicked my butt. The best part though was seeing myself double the weight used from just a short time before. Amazing pump and amazing motivation. Tonight, it was the weights who barely walked out.


Loved this morning’s workout. Mentally

Loved this morning’s workout. Mentally I can push myself more with multiple stations with 3-4 exercises each because I know how many times I have to do one movement. With fewer stations and movements it’s mentally more exhausting. Chris has a skill to push everyone to a limit we don’t know exists.


I can not say enough

I can not say enough about what an awesome job Maleaque has done with my son, he has been doing the one on one basketball training with him for 10 weeks.
I have never seen such a positive role model in a person life and the smile that is on my son’s face when he leaves each session is priceless. He goes to the YMCA to play baskeball against the other kids and adults they comment on wow have you gotten better. I am so excited for my son to be able to play on a team and finally get to do what he truly loves.
Was heart breaking to see him cut time and time again, but now I know he is getting the proper training.
Maleaque trains him both mentally and physically, it is awesome to see the growth.
Thank You Maleaque!!!!

Anita Rosenthal

My daughter wanted me to

My daughter wanted me to tell you that she jump served at practice tonight!!! Her coach asked her where she learned that, she told her the one and only BLAZE baby! Two girls from the A team stood there with dropped jaws!!! She is so proud of herself. This is exactly what she needed for her confidence. I can not wait to see how she is at her game tomorrow night.


I always find myself talking

I always find myself talking highly about you [Lisa] and your organization. I am impressed beyond words. I will be prayerful that all communications in regards to you and your organization from everyone, everywhere will be positive and uplifting as that is all I have ever seen!


I am happy to report

I am happy to report my son had his best tournament yet and the last game he nailed a 3 pointer! He is so happy. Steve has done a great job working with him on ball handling and shots and it shows through in his new level of confidence. Today, he found his rhythm. Thank you Steve and Lisa!


I feel really good about

I feel really good about how I played tonight! I can tell I have gotten a lot better since I started with coach Steve! I can’t wait for my next game!!!