My daughter wanted me to tell you that she jump served at practice tonight!!! Her coach asked her where she learned that, she told her the one and only BLAZE baby! Two girls from the A team stood there with dropped jaws!!! She is so proud of herself. This is exactly what she needed for her confidence. I can not wait to see how she is at her game tomorrow night.


I always find myself talking highly about you [Lisa] and your organization. I am impressed beyond words. I will be prayerful that all communications in regards to you and your organization from everyone, everywhere will be positive and uplifting as that is all I have ever seen!


I am happy to report my son had his best tournament yet and the last game he nailed a 3 pointer! He is so happy. Steve has done a great job working with him on ball handling and shots and it shows through in his new level of confidence. Today, he found his rhythm. Thank you Steve and Lisa!


I feel really good about how I played tonight! I can tell I have gotten a lot better since I started with coach Steve! I can’t wait for my next game!!!