Are You Ready To Train Like A Champion?

Youth Fitness Training at Blaze Sports & Fitness 

Are you an athlete looking to run faster, jump higher or get stronger? Are you looking to stay fit during your off-season? Even if you aren't an athlete, the Youth Fitness Program at Blaze Sports & Fitness will help you stay healthy and fit - physically and mentally! We have everything you need in one place!

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Speed & Agility Program:

Speed kills and no one understands that better than Blaze Fitness. And that's why we have created an extremely impactful Speed & Agility program that will have you running and changing directions faster than any competition! The building of muscle memory through dynamic movements and holds will teach your body to respond at high levels. In this program you are set to receive the hidden secrets of performance that are only revealed on the college and pro level of sports. If you are ready to train like a champion our Speed & Agility program is perfect for you!

Strength & Power Program:

Blaze Fitness brings a whole new meaning to strength & power, formulating the basics into awesome concepts to get your body responding in no time! The combining of complex and compound movements are sure to prepare your muscles to take on heavy loads. Whether it’s responding to contact or initiating it as an athlete. Our program embodies quick twitch muscles fibers with explosive movements from the plyometric world. Whether you’re looking for the power to burst through or to elevate above your competition this is the program for you!

Our Blaze Youth Fitness program is open to athletes in any sport as well as non-athletes.


One on one training, small group training and team training are available.


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All Blaze Youth Fitness classes are held at our new, state of the art training facility:
Blaze Sports & Fitness
230 S. McCarthy Rd
Appleton, WI 54914